An Interview with Linda and Biergo, from Elf Hills

Hello world!

We are here today with Linda Peters and, er, Buy-er-go—

Biergo: “BEE-EHR-GOH!”

Sorry. Bee-ehr-goh—is that better? Good. Where was I? Oh yes. Here we are with Linda and Biergo, two characters from the new novel Elf Hills by S. S. Dudley.

How are you both today?

Linda: Good.

Biergo: Ungh.

Right. So I had the pleasure of reading Elf Hills recently and enjoyed it very much—yes, Linda?

Linda: Didn’t you write it?

Biergo: Ungh.

Whispered behind hand: Um, well, yes. But they don’t need to know that…

Linda: Oh. OK.

Where was I? Oh yes. It’s a story about a girl, that’s you Linda, who can run very well (Linda blushes) and likes to wander around the hills behind her home. She begins to suspect something is strange about those hills though (I go to sit, but the chair is no longer where I thought it was. I fall, hard to the floor.) — OW!

Biergo cackles.

Linda: Are you OK?

Yes, yes, I’m fine. (I glare at Biergo and claim my seat). Perhaps we should complete our introductions. You, Linda, are nine years old, correct? And you are in fourth grade at Pathin elementary school in Villaloma, California?

Linda: Uh-huh.

And you, Biergo, er, are a small, hairy, bad little man who likes to make people fall—

Linda: He’s an imp!

Biergo: UNGH! (Crosses arms and looks away, swinging short legs from chair).

I thought he was a gnome, actually…

Linda: Shrug.

Okay… Linda, why don’t you tell us about the story?

Linda: OK. Um, so when I was little I had a friend who was a fairy…

Biergo snorts.

A real fairy?

Linda: Ah-huh. Her name was Majica. I forgot about her for a while because she disappeared.


Linda shrugs.

What made you remember her?

Linda: I don’t know. I was trying to find out what made the light on the hill—

Light? What light?

Linda: Oh yeah, so there was this really bright, white light that woke me up one night. It was on top of the hill—that’s Dendy’s Hill, it’s right behind my house. I thought it was weird. Then my Uncle Bill told me he had seen it too and that he thought it was elves or something.


Linda: Yeah. Cool, huh? But I didn’t find anything on the hill the next day. Then one day in my garden I caught him— points thumb at Biergo.

Bergo huffs and crosses arms.

So, Biergo, you are kind of, um, different… maybe you had something to do with Linda’s light? What can you tell us?

Biergo: Ungh.

Come now, you must know something.

Biergo: She doesn’t fall!

Linda giggles.


Linda: He’s mad because I don’t fall when he tries to trip me.

Right, OK. But, Biergo, about the light…

Biergo: UNGH! Go ‘way! Silly girls. Silly old men! Stay out of hills!

Hey, I’m not old…

Linda snickers.

Biergo huffs and looks away.

Really Biergo, you aren’t going to tell us anything?

Biergo is silent.

Fine. So, Linda, what else do you want to tell us about the story?

Linda: Um, well, I went running in the hills a lot with Rosy trying to find out who is out there. But things kept stopping me.

Really, like what?

Linda: Dragons and poisonous plants and stuff like that.

Wow. You’re tough.

Linda: Yeah, I really just wanted to find a magical palace and other magic things, you know, like unicorns, but it was—

Well then! All right, thank you for that. I think we are out of time. So Elf Hills, with Linda and Biergo. Check it out. Thank you both.

Linda: Okay.

Biergo: Ungh.

Next time we’ll talk about Fairy Trees, the sequel—OW! (Shoelace mysteriously catches on chair’s leg as I stand, I stumble to knee).

Biergo laughs, rolls onto back, kicking feet in ridiculous glee.

Right, the sequel, where Biergo dies a terrible death…

Linda: Really?

Biergo: Dumb old author man! You won’t get me—

Tragic, it will be tragic. Right then, that’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in.

This was first posted at Books Direct (thanks, Lynda) as part of a virtual book tour.