Interview with a fairy godmother

My book Butterfly Wish is about a girl, Selara Leda, and her fairy godmother, Burt Buttles. Yes, Burt. He’s a he. With a beard. He’s a substitute and doesn’t know a thing about being a godmother fairy.

I’m a grown up. Either I don’t have a fairy godmother any more or I am too old to see her (him?). So my daughter, Sofia, did the research for this one. She cornered her own fairy godmother, Samantha, one day and asked her a bunch of questions. You can read the transcript below. For the record, this is how I do a lot of my research. That is, I make Sofia do it. She’s the brains of the operation, after all. I mostly write the words.

Here’s the transcript:

Sofia: Are you my fairy godmother?

Samantha, in a whisper: I shouldn’t be talking to you! It’s against the rules.

Sofia: Why?

Samantha: I don’t know. I didn’t make them.

Sofia: Oh. So you are my fairy godmother?

Samantha: Yes.

Sofia: Can you do magic?

Samantha: Of course!

Sofia: Really! That’s so amazing. Can you turn my brother into a kitten?

Samantha: Ha! No, that’s against the rules.

Sofia, pouting: Why?

Samantha: Because. I don’t know. I can only do magic to help you.

Sofia: But I really, really want a kitten.

Samantha: Sorry. I couldn’t do that to your poor little brother! I can’t hurt anyone.

Sofia: Just for a little while? It won’t hurt him.

Samantha crosses her arms.

Sofia: Ohhh-kaaay. A pony?

Samantha: What?

Sofia: Can I have a pony?

Samantha, laughing: I don’t do that kind of work! You need to talk to Santa or your daddy.

Sofia: My daddy says ponies cost lots of money.

Samantha: Well, he just needs to sell lots of books then.

Sofia: Mmm… Maybe I’ll ask Santa. He brought me a dollhouse last year.  Oh, I know! The tooth fairy brings me money. And look, I have a loose tooth. See? It wiggles. And when I blow on it, it rattles, watch…

Samantha: Augh! Gross! I don’t think your tooth fairy can give you enough quarters for a pony…

Sofia: Do you know the tooth fairy?

Samantha: Of course. Yours is a cousin. Her name is Beth.

Sofia: Oh. What does she do with my teeth?

Samantha: I don’t know. I better go invisible again. I’m going to get into trouble.

Sofia: Are there boy fairies?

Samantha: Yes, yes. I am going now.

Sofia: Wait!

Samantha, hovering in mid-air: What?

Sofia: Um, what do you do?

Samantha: What do you mean? I keep you safe!

Sofia: Mmm…

Samantha: Remember that day you were trying to climb the tree in your front-yard and you fell and landed right in the pile of leaves?

Sofia: Yeah…

Samantha: That was all me! You could have broken something. I made sure you fell in the leaves.

Sofia: No.

Samantha: Yes.

Sofia: No. I jumped into the leaves.

Samantha: Oh, come on. What about that time you chased a ball into the street and a car came? I so saved you.

Sofia: No. My dad stopped me.

Samantha: Whatever. I’m leaving now.

Sofia: OK. Can you tell Santa I want a pony?

Samantha: Ugh.

So there you have it. We aren’t sure, still, if fairy godmothers can really do magic or not. At least, interesting, useful magic. Sofia still wants a kitten (and a pony! Apparently Santa didn’t get the memo—thankfully. Seriously, where would we put a pony?). But fairy godmothers do exist. And there are boy fairies too.

Samantha refused a follow up interview. Sofia thinks she is hiding, sulking, in her dollhouse. It rattles sometimes. Anyway, I made do with the information we had and made up the rest for Butterfly Wish. When I read it aloud to Sofia I heard an annoying humming sound that Sofia said was Samantha. Apparently I “got it all wrong!” I told Sofia to tell her that we need another interview to “get it right.” We’re still waiting for Samantha to respond. We’ll update you when we do. Until then, check out Butterfly Wish to see what we got wrong.