Lots of folks have helped me pull my books together over the years.

The A-team — My wife and kids. Ever patient (within reason, anyway) and enthusiastic, they are the best. And too demure for further detail here.

Andrea J. Hartman — Illustrator and collaborator on the Selara Leda & Burt books and hopefully others in the future. Trained as an artist, she spends most of her time chasing her three boys around (four if you count the husband) ably (usually) preventing bodily damages and determinedly seeking a modicum of order (and quiet).

Jamie Gifford — Number 1 beta reader, fan and awesome editor. She loves editing (novels, in particular) and is keen to do more. So if you’re a writer, give her a shout. Find her here.

Glen Krisch — Author and editor. He made sure Elf Hills was nice and neat and did the things it should as a novel. In addition to editing, he writes very scary stories. You can find him here.

Carrie Kendal — Illustrator. It was her idea to add chapter art to Elf Hills. I am very glad for it, because her illustrations look fantastic.

Michael Decklever — Marketer. He has great ideas for marketing, even if I am terrible at implementing them.