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Butterfly Wish

Butterfly Wish is an illustrated chapter book for children ages 6-10. 

Customer reviews:

***** Outstanding! By Josef Aichhorn

The book is Outstanding! It’s an exciting adventure where you want to keep reading and can’t wait to hear what happens next. The lesson from the book is perfect – always be happy to be yourself! The drawings are beautiful and really come alive through the story. I can’t wait to give the book to my 7 grandkids.

***** great read for all young children By Chuck Hartman

Fun story that keeps kids interested as they just have to know what is going to happen next. I had a hard time stopping the reading at bedtime as all three of my kids wanted to hear just “one more chapter”, especially Dylan, my oldest. His eyes would get real big every time Selara would get into danger but even then he would not let me stop reading. A wonderful adventure story. Not too scary but enough going on to keep everyone’s attention. And the illustrations really helped them “see’ what was going on in the story. Wonderful children’s book. highly recommend.

***** Fun, fun, FUN. By Joaquin Estrago

This is a magical little book. You will smile, you will laugh, and you will learn a surprising amount of animal facts! It is a great first chapter book to read with your little ones (that you can genuinely enjoy with them, too). It is also a fun quick read for kids of all ages. Highly recommend it!

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A fairy godmother with a beard?

Selara Leda’s real fairy godmother has left on a trip, and her substitute is the worst godmother fairy in the world! Burt Buttles isn’t even a godmother; at best he’s a god-uncle. A god-uncle without a clue. He put brown in a rainbow!

Except… Burt has granted Selara’s birthday wish: she’s a butterfly! A big, amazing butterfly that really flies.

Only, she’s a kind of butterfly that lives in the Amazon rain forest.

Now Selara has a problem: How does she get home?

Her fairy godmother—god-uncle, that is—might be her only way out. And he’s disappeared. Perhaps with the help of a very large and toothy jaguar Selara can find Burt and make the right wish to go home… before something eats her.


Read an interview with a (real) fairy godmother!

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