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Elf Hills

Elf Hills is a middle-grade fantasy adventure novel written for kids ages 9-12. It is the first book in the like-named series. 

Customer reviews:

***** Can’t wait to read the next one! 

Descriptive, engaging, & full of suspense! Great read for pre-teens.

***** Hits it’s target. Full of magic and joy. 

This book was obviously written with children in mind and does a marvelous job at telling an appropriate and fun story. The tale is lighthearted and full of magic. Perfect for a bedtime read.

***** This is a very good book for both boys and girls 

From my nephew: This is a very good book for both boys and girls. The reading level of the book is about 5th grade and older. It was very enjoyable to read and had a lot of description and suspense. I can’t wait to read the second book to find out what happens next. The book is about a young girl who lives in a small town in the hills. She has always suspected that there is something mysterious and magical about the hills behind her house, and eventually she starts to venture farther and farther along the trail into the hills to find out what.

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Something strange, something magical, is going on in the dusty hills behind the small town of Villaloma.

Yet each time Linda Peters puts on her running shoes and sets out to find the enchanted kingdom she imagines—full of dancing elves, unicorns, and more—something stops her. And with school starting soon, she only has a few more chances to really search the hills.

While Linda’s frustration and doubt grow, her cousin, Nugu, looks for answers in his books and wonders if maybe, just maybe, Linda’s stories are real.

The day finally arrives when Linda can run far, the day she is sure she will find her magic city. But when she and Nugu feel their goal must lie just beyond the next hill, they only find more hill.

Is it all a figment of an over-active imagination; a wistful fantasy?

Or is there truly something magical in those hills that only the strong of heart—and leg—can discover?

Read an interview with Linda and Biergo, characters from the novel!

Where did the idea for Elf Hills come from? Read here.

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